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Sound Heals.

Are YOU ready?

Are you in the market for wellness tools? Have you noticed healing instruments can be incredibly challenging on your wallet? And there are so many options available, from companies such as, Crystal Tones, Silver Sky, Topfund, and so many more, who can you trust? And who said healing tools have to be expensive?


What if I told you, you didn't have to spend large sums of money to get the best quality crystal bowls? Well look no further. Sound Healix is here to help serve all your crystal singing bowl needs by bringing you the next step in their evolution. Our patented manufacturing process creates the best sounding crystal bowls, with longer sustains, 10x more clarity, and 10x more impact than standard frosted crystal bowls.


Our patented process lowers manufacturing costs, without sacrificing the quality, only improving upon it. By resurfacing and refining our traditional frosted crystal bowls, we can deliver one of the best products on the market that can truly provide a unique and impactful healing experience for yourself and others! We welcome you to the Ethereal Singing Bowl Collection!


Cost Efficient

Longevity ReDefined

Crystal Clear

Crystal Singing bowls can be costly, and the Ethereal Collection is a better long term investment without breaking the bank!

Frosted Crystal bowls degrade over time, and the Ethereal Collection improves their design so you get a longer life span!

10x more clarity, 10x more impact for personal and professional healing experiences. You can't get that from standard frosted instruments!

Better Quality 

With the best sustain in sound quality and low audible friction noise, crystal bowls will sing even louder and longer!

Do you already Pre-Own Frosted Crystal Bowls?

Did you already purchase crystal bowls in a previous opportunity to bring sound healing into your life? Have you noticed any decrease of sound quality, sustain, or impact of the instrument after a lot of use?

Would you like to improve the crystal bowl's clarity, sound quality, and also shelf life that it can never degrade? Well look no further! In the next 6 months we're gonna be taking Upgrade Service orders to improve your instruments!

So no matter whether you have owned your crystal bowl for 6 years or 6 months, we'll be able to support you in making it sound better, clearer, and even more impactful for your experience at home or for groups!

Take a look below and send me some more information about what you are experiencing with your sound healing tools, and let me know how I can support you! More info to come soon!


Launching April 2020 - Preorders available! Please fill out the information below!

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