About Shane Thunder

"Surrender to what is. Life isn’t about accomplishments or failures. Life is about Doing. So Do You. Always. In All Ways."

Shane grew up in Washington D.C and has been an intuitive healer since he was a child. A gifted Sound Alchemist, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher, he graduated in 2008 from the Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Always drawn to music and sound, he graduated in 2010 from the sound engineering program at the School of Audio Engineering in Los Angeles, California. His life path shifted into the healing arts during December 2011 when he self-induced a kundalini awakening that forever focused his purpose in life. After his awakening, he educated himself on chakras, crystals, sound therapy, meditation, and more as his true path began to unfold in embracing alternative modalities of healing.

In April 2013, Shane attended Los Angeles' Southern California Health Institute (SOCHI) where he received his certification in a 900 hour medical massage therapy program. During his time studying manual therapy, Shane founded the Third Eye Club which became the first of its kind to offer meditation classes, education, and a variety of energy work modalities. In addition to his classes, he started his own company, Spirit Metacine, in offering workshops to the California communities for yoga, breast cancer awareness, animal rights advocacy, and performed at many transformational festivals throughout California.

Shane has been on a sound healing tour since 2014 at festivals, retreat centers, and private events. He has toured at Lightning In A Bottle, Lucidity Festival, Enchanted Forest, Beloved, Burning Man, Shakti & Bhakti Festival, Elements Gathering, Serenity Gathering, Desert Hearts, V Elements Festival, and so many more. He is passionately involved in coordinating healing sanctuaries at festivals throughout CA and beginning in 2017, international retreat centers as he begins to expand his opportunities abroad.

Shane's passionate belief and understanding of unifying body, mind, and spirit in the healing arts creates long-term effects for the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual vessel. By integrating bodywork, crystal healing, 432hz sound healing, aromatherapy, reiki, and guided meditation, Shane's healing experience is unlike any others.

From the experiences of his spiritual path, he has embraced his calling to better serve the community in sharing his healing with all he would come in contact with. He has been guided by his Higher-Self to share his musical gifts with gemstone infused singing bowls and many more instruments. His 432hz soundscapes cleanse and purge blockages by re-tuning & calibrating dimensional frequencies for healing. This ultimately allows more healing for the planet as individuals align themselves and fulfill their greatest potential in life. His mission is to share his vibrations to help others recalibrate their frequencies in calling to their highest self. In doing so, his purpose has unfolded into the evolving path that is meant for his destiny in this life experience. 


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