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"I was following Shane on Instagram until one day he posted that he was giving a sound bath in West Hollywood and I happened to be around. I went and the rest is history! Warm loving soul In a beautiful, eclectic yet cozy house , the sound bath literally changed my life. I believe a lot of amazing things followed that first experience and few more after that. I bought my own singing bowls and am ever grateful for Shane's masterful healing touch that invoke this new life for me." - Golriz

"Shane is by far the most incredible sound healer out there! Every time I have experienced one of his sound healings I have been deeply transformed and feel myself let go of things I no longer need. It is a truly divine experience! I have had visions of past life’s, I have let go of trauma that was stuck in my subtle bodies and have gone into deep states of consciousness that have allowed me to fully relax and tune in to the true essence of the universe." - Grace

"Shane brings such a unique energy wherever he goes and his sound healings are magical and powerful. I have cried, wriggled & giggled during his sound healings and over the years have witnessed his continued dedication to this art form. I always come away with new reflections and feelings of inspiration." - Hannah

"My first ever sound bath was with Shane. Since then I have ventured to many other sound baths by many other people and I am always reminded of how amazing he really is. His love and genuine care for your well being is absolutely wonderful. He holds such a warm and inviting space that allows you to relax and go as deep as you feel comfortable. I often feel an energizing lightness within myself after experiencing his sound healing journeys. He obviously loves what he does and he utilizes the gift he has been given. No matter how many sound baths you have experienced with Shane, you can ALWAYS experience one more." - Spenser

"Shane's healing, purely acoustic in a safe hard-walled space, flowed "into my bones" so thoroughly that it actually taught me how such healings work, acoustically and neuro-physically. His passion and intention is as important as his craft, and I'm sure it has only improved in the two years since I experienced it. A wonderful transformation, and lesson." - William

"I have attended about 1/2 dozen sound baths by Shane over the past year or so and have always enjoyed the experience. I have brought other first timers and they were amazed with the experience as well. I like Shane’s no nonsense approach and you can tell he is genuine. Now if he could just multiply himself and disperse himself through out the country, mankind would definitely benefit! Thanks Shane for all that you do!" - Angie

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