Healing Intentions

Learn about a variety of healing experiences for unifying the heart, body, mind, and spirit!

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Group Meditations & Sound Baths

Have you ever had a Sound Bath? Learn about this new and exciting experience to help assist your path with health, relaxation, balance, and peace of mind!

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Healing Productions

Healing Sanctuary? Sound Temple? Wellness Area? We got you covered. Contact Shane to discuss how to bring a transformational, uplifting, & relaxing experience to your next gathering!

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See the Light.

Feel the Light.

BE the light.

Spirit Metacine serves the world's communities with a variety of opportunities to experience healing modalities for balance, empowerment, and wellbeing.

With the intention of healing ourselves, we embody the highest connection to the heart's desires and being able to achieve a life we truly are proud of living. We create a strong connection to who we are and surrendering to everything the universe has to offer us. This plays a significant role in healing the planet Earth and leaving a positive legacy as conscious beings in this life-experience.

By holding the space of this legacy, providing one-on-one treatments, group experiences, sound healing music tours, event productions, and a variety of projects a unique and transformative experience awaits whenever you encounter Spirit Metacine!



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